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Panchgani is one of the best hill stations amongst most places near Mumbai/Pune. Along with the nearby Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani is considered one of the “must-visit” hill stations in Maharashtra and tourists from nearby metropolis of Mumbai, Pune and other parts of Maharashtra, India as well as abroad throng this place to relax and rejuvenate their senses. It generally has its own tourist influx and often it is very difficult to find empty Hotels in Panchgani. The Krishna River, which cuts a meandering course through the smaller valleys below, keeps the valleys lush green through the year. It is breathtaking to view the various hamlets and small villages waking at the crack of dawn and cultivating the numerous paddy fields on the plains below.

Panchgani Travel Plans

Panchgani has very good road transport connectivity. Visitors can book a flight to Pune (as it is the nearest Panchgani) and then use any of the road travel services available. There are numerous private as well as state bus services plying regularly between Panchgani and Mumbai / Pune. Nearest Railway Station to Panchgani is Pune Jn & Satara. Oyo Hotels in Mahabaleshwar


· Mumbai to Panchgani is about than 220 kms (4 hour drive)

· Pune to Panchgani is about 98 kms

· Mahabaleshwar to Panchgani is 16 kms

Galaxy Residency is off the main road of Pune- Panchgani thus making it extremely accessible to reach. A walk of 2 minutes from Panchgani Main Market to our lovely hotel. Parking is available. For an exact location of Galaxy Residency, please check out Mahabaleshwar map by clicking here. Best Hotel in Mahabaleshwar

Panchgani Tourism

Panchgani offers cool climate all year long. Developed by British superintendent John Chesson as a place to retire for the then rulers, Panchgani was developed from an unrecognized piece of virgin earth into a commercial place for human habitation. Yet, it has still not lost its natural touch and there are various tracts of trek-able land in and around Panchgani. It is bordered by five hills and there were five villages on the outskirts of this beautiful piece of earth. At an altitude of 4242 Feet above sea level. Panchgani enjoys cool breeze and low humidity which is extremely pleasant, thus leaving you feeling fresh even after hours of excursions along Panchgani’s delightful roads. Best Hotel in Panchgani

Best time to visit Panchgani

The overall weather is pleasant throughout the year. The summer season, lasting from March to June, generally attracts the maximum crowd. Normally weekenders who are looking for place near Mumbai/Pune flock this place throughout the year. The rains and even the wind in Panchgani are less in intensity than Mahabaleshwar as it is protected by Tableland. The winter season (September to March) is quite cold and the views provided are the best through the year, since the entire place is abuzz after the recently over rains (June to September) and the clear winter skies, golden sun, fresh earth and cool breeze combine to form an enticing invitation to explore Panchgani. MTDC Approved Hotel in Mahabaleshwar

Panchgani Sightseeing & Attractions

Apart from the sights, Panchgani offers various berry farms including Strawberry, Mulberry, Raspberry etc.; farms providing Natural Honey, Jelly Sweets, Fruit Jam as well as a number of cottage industries that provide handicrafts of cane, bamboo and other local products. Best Family Friendly Hotel in Mahabaleshwar

Panchgani Places to Visit:

Sydney Point

Named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth, then British Commander in chief who was also a Governor of Bombay at one point of time, this place is 2 kms from Galaxy Residency. It provides an unhindered panoramic view for miles that includes the Tableland, historic town of Wai, Pandavgad and Mandhardeo. Yet the most beautiful view is the Krishna Valley and the Dhom Dam backwaters that are awesome site during sunset. This point provides scenery overview as well as the beautiful green valley at its foothills. Best MTDC Hotel in Mahabaleshwar

Table Land

Table Land is an unique “natural conservation heritage” site – Plateau. It is actually a lateritic geological structure, 16km long, which gives it the title of being the second largest plateau in Asia, the first being in Tibet – The Lhasa Plateau. It is completely flat piece of mountain land that has horse-rides, Camel Rides, Lake, Eateries, Amusement Area, Shopping Area et al. Like all Panchgani places, it provides some very exhilarating views. Couple Friendly Hotel in Mahabaleshwar

Parsi Point

A favorite meeting point of the Parsi community, this point offers panoramic view of the Dhom Dam, the Krishna River Valley, Sydney Point, Tableland.

Devil's Kitchen A place with mythological significance, Devil’s kitchen is just to the south of Table Land. It is said to have been a shelter for the Pandavs of Mahabharat fame when they were escaping. Best MTDC Hotel in Panchgani

Panchgani Schools

Panchgani Boarding Schools: are quite famous for their wonderful all round education and are very popular among India’s elite for educating their children.


Though it is near to Mumbai and Pune and thus generally considered as a cheap honeymoon destination, it has its own charm and can give a unique experience if visitors know and select the best places to enjoy it in. At Galaxy Residency we have a special Honeymoon Suite – balloon decorations & Cakes can be arranged at an extra.

One of Best Places to Stay in Panchgani – Galaxy Residency, Panchgani – MTDC Approved Hotel

Galaxy Residency is one such hotel destination to get the best out of Panchgani. Considered as one of the best resorts/hotels in Panchgani, it provides best facilities for family outings, couples and small groups. One of the most preferred destinations amongst hotels near Pune / Mumbai, it arranges a variety of unique adventure sports like paragliding, horse riding in Panchgani / Mahabaleshwar, India. Galaxy Residency promises a wonderful & relaxing time for everyone, yet assures privacy and exclusivity like no other Panchgani resort/hotel can. Click here for best time to visit Panchgani, cost effective Panchgani hotel deals as well as to find out more on what guests can avail at our Panchgani hotel. There may be many cheap Panchgani hotels, but there is no other “value for money” Panchgani hotel that offers as many facilities like Galaxy Residency does. Top Hotel in Mahabaleshwar Panchgani